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We are a small cattery located in Apple Valley, California, raising irresistable “Amorus Angels Ragdolls” underfoot.  Starting our ragdoll cattery has already blessed us with many gratifying rewards.  Our home is filled with ragdoll angels who greet us everyday when we come home with meows and leg rubs. We have made new friends at cat shows, and meeting others through kitten placements has opened doors for new beginnings to many more friendships.  We have found some very helpful resources about kitten/cat care and cat supply sites along the way that could benefit all who are interested in cats and the ragdoll breed.

Showing can be quite fun especially when you come home with ribbons, champions and win the grand prize in the show raffle.  I am also thrilled when I can share show acheivements with the show cats breeder.  It then  becomes a shared joy for all. These are just a few of our immediate rewards getting involved with ragdolls.  *The best is yet to come!  (*having little angels running around the house).

butterflyAmorus Angels believes, "Ragdolls are God's Little Miracles from Heaven!" butterfly 

Please visit Our Little Miracles page to view what kittens we have available at this time.
We update "our little miracles" page regularly.

We are dedicated to being responsible breeders practicing an early spay and neuter program for our pet quality kittens. We will not sell ragdoll kittens or cats to anyone who plans on declawing them. Therefore, please…consider this carefully, before contacting us to purchase one of our ragdoll angels. We will offer training and provide tips on how to modify your kitten’s behavior so that this dreadful experience of declawing will not be necessary for your kitten/cat.

Our breeder/show kittens and pet kittens will leave our cattery with the proper shots required up to 3 months of age, will be wormed at age appropriate, and pet/show kittens spayed/neutered by a qualified veterinarian before leaving AmorusAngels Ragdoll Cattery.  Our litters and Cats are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), and will come to you with registration paperwork to register your kitten and to order pedigrees. We will provide you with copies of parents pedigrees and any show title achievements for your portfolio on your kitten.

We are dedicated to being an HCM negative cattery.  All of our breeders have been tested and all our current breeders within our breeder program have tested negative for this deadly gene. Keep in mind when breeding with 2 parents carrying this gene there is a chance the offspring will be affected with the disease (HCM) Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Please see the link near the bottom of the next page "About" ragdolls to find more information on this disease. There are other links regarding this on the web if you are interested in learning more about this disease. All of our breeders (in the case of kept back breeders from our lines) or parents have been tested for FIV and FELV and tested negative for these diseases. 

Our kittens are 100% guaranteed to be in excellent health at the time they leave our home, if not, a kitten replacement is our moneyback guarantee.

It's  clear in our home that these cats literally rule our lives!  Out of love and admiration for these beautiful felines famously known as “Ragdolls”, we were inspired to start up a cattery and become breeders of these lovely cats.  I fell in love with the ragdolls appearance,  nature and intelligence. The rabbit like fur,  beauty and sweetness is so unique and special. At first glance, I knew I couldn't just have one.  I would like everyone who loves cats, to have  one of these angels, and be blessed with a miraculous kitten in their home!  It is not until then, you will know what owning a ragdoll means. You will just love the character, affection, and intelligence these cats have. They can be trained very easily given a little time.  Essentially, they captured our hearts, as we are sure they will yours.

Our breeding program offers a return policy, to avoid the possibility any of our cats being sent to a shelter.  In the event you find yourself in a situation, where you need to find an alterative home for your ragdoll, PLEASE call us to help place your ragdoll in an acceptable home. We would NEVER want one of our ragdolls to be left homeless, in a rescue shelter or humane society.  It would crush our hearts if we knew someone did not call, and come to us for help. All proceeds received from the placement will be passed on to you less shipping costs if necessary, and an administrative fee of $50.00 to cover advertisement and paperwork processing. 

Our goal is to bring to you the best of the breed, and continue to learn more about breeding towards excellence,
ensuring quality and health for our ragdolls. To be sent from Lord's Heaven above to your homes with love!


 Mail Sharing 
 If you have something good to say about us, or our site please let us know and we will share it !

 A cute message I recieved from one of our happy ragdoll customers:

Wed, January 9, 2013

I really don't know how you raise your cats, but
you sure are doing something right, because Barley is extremely loving and well
socialized - all he wants to do is cuddle and he's always making dough. I have a
soft furry throw on my couch and all I have to do is place him on there and the
purring and kneading starts - he really gets into it too.

My fiancé recently got into making homemade bread, and we always joke to Barley:
"Barley, you want to make bread with daddy? You can knead the dough since you're so
good at it" LOL.

Talk to you soon,


Thank you Mai for giving me feedback I am glad that all the love we give our ragdolls in turn give 
to you and it shows! Give Barley a special kiss from me...hugs and kisse, Tricia

Our amazing Red Lynx Bicolor Male

Dear cattery Amorus Angels,

We are Riccardo & Jessica from Darksummer Ragdolls cattery a small Ragdoll
cattery near Milan (Italy).

We were looking at your website and we have to say that you have wonderful
cats!! We love your lines! We saw that you have an amazing Red Lynx Bicolor Male (shown above)
available as show breeder and we are very interested in him! Is him still available?
Could you tell us something about him?
We work with all pointed colors but expecially
we love Reds,  Creams 
and Torties!! 

Thank you for your time!            

Best Regards,

Riccardo & Jessica

7/19/09....I just wanted to tell you, I was looking at your website again and you have such
pretty cats! I looked at a bunch when I was researching ragdolls and yours are just
so gorgeous. Bubbles is so pretty, such gorgeous blue eyes, she looks like a Disney
drawn cat and Gizmo is so handsome and has such remarkable coloring.

Georgie is so cute! She tries to lick and eat all food!
kitty love,

We are completely head over heels in love with our new kitty.  We have 
decided to name our new family member Max.  He is incredible.  He is  so loving
and sweet.  He purrs every single time we pick him up, which is  quite
often, because he is impossible to resist.  He was so wonderfully  socialized by
you at your home, that he got to our home and fit right in.   He dealt
really well with the ride home, and the introduction to our other  kitties.

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience we had with you at 
Amorus Angels.  It was lovely to meet and talk with you.  All of the  cats
in your home were so friendly and calm.  It really says something  about you
as a cat breeder. 

I have attached a few home photos, as well as a photo of Max with his 
playmate and partner in crime Luna.  They are both the exact same size and  are
very bonded now.  They even sleep curled up together.  At least  you know
your baby is not lonely...lol. 

Thanks again,

Kathy and Paul Amaya

My Heartfelt thanks goes out to Bobbie for supporting me and my hobby! She has offered to recommend us to
future clients considering a purchase of our
ragdoll babies. Please do feel free to ask me for her e-mail
address to contact her if you feel the need. Out of the goodness of her heart she offered to give
recommendations about us, our ragdolls and our cattery. I never expected to receive such a reward for supplying
her home with the love of 2 ragdoll angels.
What a joy it was to meet Bobbie and Don. We recieve updates of our
ragdoll boys we placed with them regularly. They enjoy letting me know how they are doing as I enjoy hearing
about them. Now on top of that an offer to recommend us to the public. This is so-o... very special to me and quite
unexpected. I am so grateful and touched by this gesture. It is very much appreciated Bobbie. Meeting you both
likewise was such a pleasant experience.
Thanks again, you are both wonderful people too and we enjoyed getting
to know you and placing our ragdoll angels in your home!

As stated previously, one of the many reasons that have proved to be very rewarding in raising our irresistable
ragdoll angels is meeting nice people !
I am so blessed to have met Bobbie and Don!

ON 04/09/09 Bobbie wrote us to give us this recommendation:
I wanted to thank you for your line of Ragdolls!  I have purchased two Ragdolls
previously, and the experience with Patricia was so much more positive!
At Amorus Angels, I found a clean, healthy enviornment, with socialized kittens. 
The kittens came right up to us, purring when we picked them up.  It was obvious
that they were being socialized with the family, and felt comfortable around
strangers.  It wasn't hard to find two kittens perfect for us, but what was hard was
to tear ourselves away from the herd of kittens that were so charming!
Visiting Amorus Angels, was such a positive experience that I even sent Patricia a
"thank you" present.  Gus and Cowboy are a continuing joy in our lives, loving and
friendly with us and anyone who visits.  They have impressed even visitors who don't
like cats!
I previously sent a letter which was put on the website, just because I am so
impressed with the entire experience, and our two family members!  Their birthday is
May 10th, and they are georgeous cats.  But pretty is as pretty does, and these cats
are pretty darned wonderful!
Bobbie McCormack
Valencia, CA

Dated: 12/17/08butterfly

I want to thank you again and again for raising such wonderful kittens!
They fill such a huge hole in our lives!  Cowboy likes to walk around with a pen held in his jaws like a cigar.  He takes it onto a hard surface or a "challenging" surface, and bats it around, then goes off to another part of the house with it!  Our bathroom scales has a number of pens and pencils under it. They love the red cubes.  They tumble and poke their heads in and out.  If a side is touched on the outside, they can see from inside and JUMP on the shadow. Cowboy comes running when I ring a bell......Gus strolls out yawning and stretching!  Cowboy is the inquisitive one.  Gus has his mind working, but takes his time.
They are both so loving and friendly!  They get up on our laps regularly, whether we're on the computer or reading the newspaper.  I hide their toys from them, so they get excited when one reappears from nowhere!
I feel sorry for any cat lover that doesn't have one of your cats!
Thanks forever!
Bobbie McCormack 

Dated: 12/5/06 butterfly
What a beautiful site you have created honoring the ragdolls that enter our lives. I am the "mom" to a gorgeous, and most loveable blue point mitted tortie ragdoll named Bella Mia. She is 5 1/2 months old and came to be the baby sister to my Non-ragoll baby named Pepper who is 10 years old.( I lost one of my most  loveable babies named Patches, in Dec. 2005)They get along amazingly  well......only the occassional scrapping that any sisters have.I have studied about ragdolls for many years and finally have my baby Bella. I can't imagine not coming home to be greeted by my babies (my best friends) Again, thanks for creating this beautiful and informative site. I have saved it to my favorites.

Dated: 8/21/06 butterfly
 Hi , it's me again "Michelle".  My first email I wrote to you requesting information.  But I found your information on  your web site.  What a great site!  I've been ragdoll shopping for about 12 months and, granted I'm not very good at internet shopping, but your site is the best site I found and thus I am sold on you.  You gave such clear and thorough information plus I loved your Lords and Ladies and feel more secure about your babies.


Hello! I look forward to meeting you and placing a loving ragdoll in your home!
Please call me so we may get to know one another.
I have your dream ragdoll angel here!


 =^ .  . ^ =
>  o  <

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